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My Final Fantasy- a band of heroes

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

I'm on a quest and I am looking for my band of musicians; my band of heroes.

Now that I've decided to lean all the way in and remove the self-erected walls between me, my art and my music, I can feel my quest has truly begun.

The most prominent and lasting effect of growing up playing role-playing games is that I see everyone I meet as a new party member, a new person with special skills and abilities. Everyone is on their own adventure and sometimes sharing gifts is the only way to complete a storyline. One of the beauties of having an outlook informed by fantasy is the hope-filled belief that everything you need is within reach, and everyone you know has a role to play in your own story. From this viewpoint, it is often just a question of timing, or a question of asking.

So, starting now, the clock has started and I am asking: who wants to join this adventure? Who wants to join this band?

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