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I'm Filled Up

I'm filled up with so much joy and gratitude.

I spent two weeks in New York City putting things together for my EP release event. I was nervous, and a bit fearful, about arranging and unveiling new music, finding the right musicians, scheduling and paying for rehearsals, and getting the word out to all of my friends and family. In the end, there was no need to worry. Everything happened as it was meant to happen. The room was packed with so many familiar faces, the sound was solid, the band was ready to rumble, and I went on stage and delivered the messages in my music.

Leading up to showtime, I kept having conversations, with friends, that all landed on the same ideas and themes. We would start by talking about things like doughnuts and video games and end up talking about the importance of looking out for one another, building community, and finding joy. Every conversation included a quiet reminder that the show was going to be awesome, because it wasn't about me and my fears, but about sharing and holding space for everyone to come together and reflecting joy and love.

I am grateful to have the privilege of finding my purpose, and to have so many people cheer me on as I move in the right direction.

To everyone who who came to this show, or tuned in, or will tune in one day, all I want to say is,"THANK YOU".

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