Hey everybody, How's it going? 


I hope you all have been staying safe and still finding joy amongst the chaos. It's been a while since you've heard any news from me so I figured I would catch you up. 

I have been writing music over the past few months, and have released demos for two new songs. Walls and No Man are both available here, and on Soundcloud, for your listening pleasure...RIGHT NOW. Both of these songs feel timely for the world we live in at the moment. They are authentically me. And with that I would like to make them authentically you.

I want to make videos for these two songs and I need your help. I've placed the lyrics for both Walls and No Man on their Soundcloud pages. Here's where you come in. I'd like for everyone to submit a video of themselves singing and performing one of these songs, or submit any footage you think would compliment either of them. The more outrageous or heartfelt the better. 
The videos for these songs will be a compilation of you, much in the same way that I am. 



No Man